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(via You Can Love Someone And Still Be Wrong For Them - Picture Quotes)

Sad thing is you can still love someone, and be wrong for them.
Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you are necessarily the right person that they should be in love with. Real love asks a lot from us. It says that we, as people who are nowhere close to being perfect, make and maintain as perfect of a relationship as possible with the ones we love.

When we think of love, many of us think of a perfect union without many flaws. On the surface of a relationship, things may seem very well, but when you start to really dig into a relationship, it is easy to find flaw, and to want to escape from something that is suddenly not as stable as we once thought to be.

Choosing to continue to love someone is hard, especially when you feel as though you arent good enough to be with them. Be confident in who you are, and make choices that will be the best for both parties involved.

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